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Only $6.99/month for unlimited access
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Diary of a Fly Duck! Rabbit! I Have to Go Ish Little Pea Mahalia Mouse Goes to College

New Arrivals

Coriander, The Contrary Hen Edgar, Allan, and Poe and the Tell-Tale Beets Eight Days Gone First Music Purple Green and Yellow When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat

Robert Munsch

The Boy in the Drawer The Fire Station I Have to Go Moira's Birthday Mud Puddle The Paper Bag Princess

Kate DiCamillo

Louise, the Adventure of a Chicken Mercy Watson Fights Crime Mercy Watson To the Recue Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride Perfect Man Scaredy Squirrel

Award Winners

Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride Jeffrey and Sloth Man with the Violin My Think-a-ma-Jink The Patchwork Path Penelope and the Monsters

Fables and Fairy Tales

Boy Soup Bully Goat Grim Burro's Tortillas Clever Beatrice The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal Clever Rachel

Friends and Family

Caillou and Gilbert Dear Peter Rabbit He Came with the Couch I Got Two Dogs I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa Lifetime


Art's Supplies Boomer Goes to School Diary of a Spider Enemy Pie First Day Jitters I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles

Amazing Animals

Always Animals Black and White Biscuit Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! The Bumblebee Queen Dinosaurs Roar, Butterflies Soar

Numbers and Letters

ABC Letters in the Library Alice in Pasta Land Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue Little Hoot Little Oink The Multiplying Menace Divides


A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee Champion: The Story of Muhammed Ali Frank and Izzy Set Sail Gameday Just Like Josh Gibson Oliver's Game

All Books

Ace Lacewing Bug Detective Bad For Them, Good For Me Beautiful Moon Bebe Goes Shopping Best Mariachi In The World Big or Little

Coming Soon

Boomer's Big Surprise Dinosailors Marsupial Sue Paper Crane Red Is Best Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend
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Here is what some of our viewers are saying about TumbleBooks...

"What a treasure. This site is extremely useful for non readers of all ages. My children just love it. I have shared this site with many of our special needs teachers across our county. Thanks so much for providing such a fun, affordable, and worthwhile product."

Special Education Teacher, MI
"We love TumbleBooks!!! I should add the kids do, too!! TumbleBooks has allowed us to introduce a vast collection of books to students and they W A N T to read. It gives them choice, gives them some control over their own learning, all while at an appropriate reading level. What could be better?"

Kathy, Reading Consultant
Seth Haley School, CT
"I love this site! The fact that the levels of books available are so far-reaching makes this a wonderful site for classrooms---virtually any child can utilize the features on this site. The book report feature is great as well--right along with many of the standards we are teaching in our classrooms, and a great tool for guiding students. The quizzes offer students feedback, and also encouragement as they continue to read. This promotes a feeling of success among students, and furthers their love for literature and reading."

Curriculum Coach, SC
"This is the best interactive read aloud website I have found. My students and I love it. We can always locate a book easy that connects to what we have been studying. The students love to watch the pictures, and as they progress with their decoding skills they pick out words that they know. When we watch one of these books, I have to pause it after every page so they can find all their sight words that are on the page. The website makes it like have a celebrity reader in our room daily. Thank you so much for your wonderful reading website."

Kindergarten, AL

"My four year old son, my third grade class, and my thirty-something wife love TumbleBooks. They are entranced with the lively moving stories and the highlighted text. What a great resource! Thanks for putting such a great web page together."

David, Teacher
Hershey Primary
Derry Township School District, PA

"The kids love reading the books! Each time we have computer time, they would ask to read Tumblebooks. I like.... of course... what the kids like :) If it keeps them engaged in learning ...then it keeps me happy too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the world’s joyful wonders...BOOKS…to my students!!"

Deborah, First Grade Teacher
Goynes Elementary School, NV
"We just LOVE TUMBLEBOOKS. The teachers use it in their literature lessons as well as myself (a librarian), uses it as another tool to love books even more!! Every classroom uses it!! Comment from the Grade 4/5 class: "We use it for listen to reading daily as a literacy choice. I also have kids logging on at home to read there. The kids really enjoy it. Some kids that balk at reading a book will opt to read along with the program." What a wonderful website!! Thank you so much for making it user friendly!!"

Secretary/Librarian Onanole Elementary School, MB
"I LOVE TUMBLEBOOKS! My school loves Tumblebooks!!! Our students are avid readers and Accelerated Reader participants so Tumblebooks is really a great tool for them to enhance their reading and earn AR points for which they are rewarded. The ease of access with the online database is incredible. Students with varied levels of reading are able to get online, read a book and take an Accelerated Reader test and help their class reach their reading goal...quickly and easily!!! Many of the ESL students like to listen to the same stories over and over and this is a very good tool for language acquisition!!! Tumblebooks is awesome. We have the subscription through our district and hope that it will continue every year!!!"

Sheila, Media Specialist
Cascade Elementary School, GA
"The results are remarkable, she says. The students using Tumblebooks leapt ahead of their peers. Last November, three months after starting the project, the average fluency rate for the Tumblebook group was 23 percentage points higher than that of the control group. Students using the ebooks had moved from a Lexile level of K to M. By January, the entire group of children in the ebook program had achieved fluency to the point that they were “exited” from her pull-out sessions and integrated back into their regular classrooms. It took the control group two months longer. She credits the success to the ebooks’ ability to narrate the story, while allowing students to feel like they’re in control of what and when they read. “When students repeatedly have a strong model of fluency, the more they hear that, the better they get it,” says Hume. The experiment was so successful that her school district decided to pay for Tumblebooks for all four of its elementary schools in the next school year."

Julie Hume, Reading Specialist
University City, MO
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